We are Hübsch

A bit of Story

With a dream of creating something exceptional, Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger and Daniel Henriksen founded Hübsch in 2010. Not only was the vision to create joyous products for the world of interior design lovers, but they also wanted to create a company culture where employees feel good. Therefore, the keyword happiness is deeply rooted in our brand DNA.

Who are we?

We are a team of happy creatives, relationship builders, and merchants. We approach our customers, people, and interior design with curiosity and a sense of exploration. We use our findings and feedback to create joyful products that connect with our customers: People just like you and us: Interior lovers who believe that happiness emerges from surrounding ourselves with good people and products that spark joy.

Our Values

The keyword happiness is deeply rooted in the Hübsch DNA. Our way of happiness: Happiness is passion, smiles, being yourself. The tagline” Where Happiness Lives” says it all.


At Hübsch, sharing knowledge, being honest, and respectful communication is key. We encourage everyone, externally and internally to give feedback in order for us to grow as a business. Together.


We are a small community where team-spirit is paramount. We see each other’s strengths and
weaknesses and support each other. We support our local community as well as the international
community that we are part of. We want to contribute locally and globally as much as possible.


Freedom with responsibility is an important part of the way we behave and act when at work. We recognise every department or unit as part of a whole. We take responsibility for our actions and expect business partners to do the same.


Design Approach

The Hübsch ‘look and feel’ combines a playful approach to material and colour combinations with a distinct sense of aesthetics that encapsulates a concise but airy interior narrative. A narrative that ticks all the boxes regarding functionality, bold colour choices, and comple­menting contrasts.

A narrative that says: Where Happiness Lives.

“The design direction has significantly changed since I started working for Hübsch five years ago. It has been a process going from a more neutral concept to a design foundation where keywords such as colours, materials, and contrasts are imperative in creating and developing our products”.

Design Responsible Lotte Knudsen