Introducing the Amare Series

In Italian, Amare means to love. And we love the freedom of choice. A choice to become more connected around no-fuss meals, get-togethers, and impromptu social gatherings. To surround yourself with decor and people that make you happy. We dream that Amare Tableware will be at the heart of the best times.

A Mix of Love

The design process of bringing a new tableware series to our collection began almost two years ago. Going for a pleasing crafted feel, the series of subtle plates play well with the more bright-coloured cup and saucer; the aim was a mix of shapes and styles that spell togetherness.

Drawing on a retro-inspired look, we’ve combined this influence with a Scandi-coloured muted palette in a solid, rich glaze with bright pops of saturated colours to embrace the entire spectrum of colours that, when mixed, tell a compelling universal story of reconnecting and coming together.

As we emerge from the last two years of being stuck at home, new moods rise in interior design. Making an effort, entertaining at home and creating spaces for family gatherings or long table dinners are back in style. Our brand-new Amare Tableware is a tribute to the simplicity of setting the table with a clean yet warm Scandi-feel where there is room for surprises, imagination, and togetherness. And it goes without saying, a hearty meal.