The Joy of Giving

As the chill of late autumn sweeps across the land, the feel of Christmas is also tiptoeing closer. Celebration of the closest community by thoughtful gifting. To show them, you know them! Shop all christmas items Hübsch Guide for the Loved Ones Some gifts might be easy to choose, while others can be challenging. This […]

Colour Revival

INTRODUCING New season, new colours: In this seasonal mini-collection, we invite you to experience the magic of colours reimagined. Step beyond the ordinary and explore a palette that breathes life into our everyday essentials. This season, we continue our approach with a revival of colour by intertwining well-known designs with renewed and fresh combinations of […]

Bright Lovelies for your Home

Bright Lovelies for your Home There is no such thing as a new Hübsch collection without lighting. For the Rekindle Collection, we introduce a variety of quirky and fun-loving table lamps with dimmable touch function and colourful details that, when mixed with home accessories from previous collections, give them new life. Explore Lighting news Solid […]

Creating a Seasonal Colour Palette

Creating a Seasonal Colour Palette Colours are an integral part of the Hübsch brand identity and working with colours has long been a vital element of the design process for each collection. When creating the SS23 palette, we mixed old with new by seeking inspiration from previous colour palettes and current trend colours and tendencies. […]

Moment Sofa

Introducing the Moment Sofa-set How time flies when you are having fun; We all know the notion of spending hours with something or somebody that we enjoy, whether, with friends or alone, that time passes surprisingly quickly. Our new sofa-set Moment has all the features of a classic upholstered sofa with a few twists and […]

Amare Series

Introducing the Amare Series In Italian, Amare means to love. And we love the freedom of choice. A choice to become more connected around no-fuss meals, get-togethers, and impromptu social gatherings. To surround yourself with decor and people that make you happy. We dream that Amare Tableware will be at the heart of the best […]

Rekindle Collection

Rekindle Collection This season is all about falling in love again. With your home, your things, and your personal space. It’s time to be optimistic about the future and find new ways to make significant changes. Also, when it comes to interior design. Rekindle—such a little word. But full of hope. Rekindle Collection What does […]

Mush Mini

Mush Table Lamp Mini in new Colours The Mush Table Lamp Series is a bestselling and iconic range of table lamps which has been part of our extensive lighting collection since 2018. First came Mush Brass and Mush Black, and a few years later, Mush Nickel. This year we introduce the Mush-Mini in three vibrant […]