Terms and time delivery

By delivery with Hübsch own shipping agent the risk is transferred to the customer when delivered at the agreed place of delivery according to the invoice. Delivery with the customers own shipping agent will be at the customer’s risk irrespective of its being arranged by Hübsch. The risk is transferred to the customer at the time of handing over the products to the shipping agent.

The time of delivery shall be stated in the order confirmation and is approximate.

The price list for carriage may be obtained from Hübsch.

Delivery in lots may occur and will be invoiced on the basis of the lot concerned. Back orders shall be delivered as agreed with the customer. Back orders of less than DKK 1,000.00 / NOK 1,000.00 / SEK 1,000.00 / EUR 150.00 will not be sent unless agreed upon, but will be cancelled in the customer’s account with Hübsch.

If the customer refuses delivery or is unable to accept delivery on the agreed date, the customer shall cover any associated costs or loss incurred by Hübsch, including the costs of storage until the customer has accepted delivery on the agreed terms.

Liability for delay

If a fixed time of delivery has been agreed in writing, the customer shall – in the event that Hübsch exceeds the date of delivery by more than thirty (30) working days, and provided that the exceeding of the deadline is of material inconvenience to the customer – be entitled to make a written claim for delivery with a new reasonable deadline which, however, shall not be less than thirty (30) working days.

If Hübsch fails to take reasonable steps to ensure delivery within the stipulated deadline, the customer shall be entitled to terminate the agreement in respect of the delayed delivery.

Hübsch’s liability for delay shall always be limited to the invoice value of the delayed delivery or lot.

Rentention of Title

The delivered products shall remain the property of Hübsch until payment, including any interest and costs, has been made in full. The customer shall take all necessary precautions to protect Hübsch’s property until the title has passed to the customer.

Delivery Inspection

At delivery the customer must inspect the shipment for external damages on the packaging before signing the freight letter. In case of damages, the customer must make a remark on the freight letter and send photos of the damaged shipment to sales@hubsch-interior.com. Any hidden freight damages must be reported to Hübsch A/S within 5 days to be valid.