Hübsch Care

Smile today.

Smile tomorrow.

At Hübsch, we care about tomorrow, today.

We recognise that everything we do as a design company impacts the environment.

That is why we constantly try to find new and better ways of designing and developing our products, continuously focusing on approved and responsible materials, placing high demands on ourselves and our partners in terms of fair and healthy working conditions and supporting our local communities.

We know that we are not saving the world, but try to do better, day by day, to reduce our ecological footprint and to be proud of what we do.

We call this Hübsch Care, well, because we do. 


We care about tomorrow, today.

Our Certifications


Hübsch has an ambition of using only sustainable and traceable wood.

In 2020, we began a journey with the process of implementing FSC® certified wood in all wood products.

All new designs and reproduction of existing designs will be produced with FSC® certified wood, and by time our stock will be cleared of all non-certified wood.

FSC® is a global non-profit forest certification system promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests, protecting them for future generations. The organisation works against deforestation, protects animals and plants, and ensures that foresters receive decent wages, proper training and safety equipment.

Our license number is FSC®-C157880.

Standard 100 By OEKO-TEX®

Hübsch has an ambition of only using textiles that are sustainable and safe from a human-ecological perspective.

In 2020, we introduced Standard 100 By Oeko-tex® in many of our textile products, and we aim to have only Standard 100 By Oeko-tex- certified textile products by 2025.

Standard 100 By Oeko-tex® is a worldwide association of independent institutes for product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry. Products certified with Standard 100 By Oeko-tex® do not contain any toxic or allergic substances.


The Hübsch Lifestyle series was launched in 2019. It consists of hand cream, dish wash and hand soap, and is produced in Denmark and certified by ECOCERT®.

The products are completely free of parabens, synthetic dyes and minimum 95% of the plant content is organic. Furthermore, the packaging is 100% recyclable.

ECOCERT® is one of the largest organic certification organisations and inspection bodies in the world and one of the best-known labels in the field of standardisation regarding natural cosmetics.