SS22 Contrasting Silhouettes

The only rule for our  SS22 collection has been there are no rules – apart from one thing, it must put big smiles on our faces.  This collection emerged from our hearts in the realm of creativity and pays tribute to our everyday lives—everything from ups and downs, lessons learned, new relationships, old friends, and family. And love for interior design.

Welcome, Come on in … Feel right at home

The Feel of Home

We all know that our homes have become more than a place you come home to every day. Post-pandemic, most of us have overhauled our living spaces for work, rest, and play. Now more than ever, we need to start living and dreaming again. We believe in curated personal items and calm interiors with a warm colour palette as a catalyst for a well-balanced home. A home where hope, everyday joy, community, and humour are equally important. A home where there is room for nuances, differences, and contrasts.

Walking through your home should spark joy. Everywhere your eyes rest should evoke nostalgia, eye ease, and a sense of utter contentment. Juxtapose warm with cool, old, and new, or contrasting colours. Mix texture with intriguing shapes and forms to bring out your best. Experimenting never goes out of fashion. A new take on something old conveys something familiar in a new contemporary update. To keep it light and airy, the Japanese-inspired shoji pattern gives an airy and sophisticated feel.