Creative Director's Choice

Since 2010, Hübsch Creative Director Jannie Krüger has significantly impacted the Hübsch Brand-DNA. With a background in fashion, Jannie quickly saw that interior design and fashion are very much linked by a need to reflect one’s personality. Today, reflecting your personality through home décor is coequal to the clothes you wear, thus making colours less intimidating in your home.

These are some of Jannie’s best-loved items from the AW22 Always a Twist collection.

“The Shack Shelf was originally a glass shelf on its own, but through the design process, the idea of combining a shelf and a rack emerged, hence the name Shack. I can’t wait to get my favourite cookbooks and tea towels on display”.

Co-Founder & Creative Director Jannie Krüger

What is your focus when designing a new collection?

“Last season, we added a selection of wicker lamps made from high-quality rattan to our collection. This season we have taken the design a bit further in terms of size and shape and added a cool twist with a pop of red. Contrasting details always spark joy! The same goes for the Smile Stools: we wanted to create something with a minimalist expression but with a sense of fun. not only in terms of the colour combinations but also in terms of function: Use it as a bedside table, plant stand, or an extra seat and stack when not in use”.

“Though self-declared eclectics, we are eager to learn and explore; we are inquisitive about on-trend and current styles. We love to infuse a mix of yesterday, today, and tomorrow into our collections with a captivating familiarity or a new twist in terms of shape or colour. I love when a piece of furniture stands out just because of small but significant detail. The Dash side table is Japanese minimalism – minimal effort for maximum effect”.

Twist Bedspreads

“I am very proud of our new quilted bedspreads! Each piece is unique and handmade. They also showcase our colour research each season, underpinning that seemingly clashing hues and tones can coexist beautifully on a non-colour backdrop”.