Creating a Seasonal Colour Palette

Colours are an integral part of the Hübsch brand identity and working with colours has long been a vital element of the design process for each collection.

When creating the SS23 palette, we mixed old with new by seeking inspiration from previous colour palettes and current trend colours and tendencies.

The colour palette acts as a backdrop and reference in various ways and settings, including our fair stand, catalogue, lookbook, showroom, and photo studio.


Download the overview and NCS codes here

It’s all in the Detail

This season, our palette features some unique accent colours, such as ’Oceana’, ’Winter’s Grass’, and ’Hubba Bubba’.

These vibrant hues complement and emphasise the primary colours used in both designs and styling and pair beautifully with more subdued and monochronic tones, such as the classic beige and grey hues. The result is a harmonious and cohesive colour scheme that adds depth and richness to the SS23 collection.

Colour Forecasts

– ”For the coming season, we see the colour lime green as one of the most refreshing and invigorating hues. Whether it’s used to spruce up a shelf unit, kitchen countertop, or dining table, we believe that lime green can add a touch of playfulness and energy to any space. It is a colour that can easily grab attention and create a sense of excitement, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add a pop of colour to their home.”

Stylist Maiken Bareuther

– ”Yellow is poised to become the next big thing. We have seen a rise in the popularity of curry and ochre tones, but we are now shifting towards brighter, bolder shades of yellow. This trend may reflect our collective desire for more optimistic and uplifting colours in these challenging times. I believe we will start to see bright yellow rooms, with bold, sunny hues, bringing a touch of cheer to our living spaces.”

Stylist Mie Lysgaard Paulsen