Paperweight, glass, blue/gold

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EUR 25,00
DKK 160,00
NOK 230,00
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Additional information

Item no. 160703
Materials Glass, Paper
Colors Blue
Size ø10cm

Glass, glass and more glass

Coloured glass is everywhere and it has filled a lot in recent seasons – and the trend continues. The new thing is that we are increasingly seeing different glass textures as well.

Textured glass is much about the tactility where different surfaces will feel differently if you slide your fingers over. It is playful, experimental and adventurous. It is so much more than just another glass vase as texture adds visual interest.

Our glass collection also offers a wide selection of different effects. Experience the almost rainbow-like effect of iridescent glass and notice how glass swirls link to the playful trend.

We like to play with colour combinations, different surfaces and the ‘mix and match’ function. This for sure will be notable when you look through our glass products.


Tendencies 2020

Spring is at the door, and so is our Tendencies 2020 collection.

We are proud to present an eclectic mix of furniture, lighting, home accessories and a brand new category of lifestyle products ready to move in with you.

With an always playful approach to design, we continue to curiously explore how colours and materials can be combined in new creative ways.

It is time to renew. Time to shake off the chill of winter and add colourful bursts of spring freshness to your home.

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