Hübsch Ambassador Campaign - Terms and conditions

1. Terms and conditions

1.1. Under the above-mentioned campaign, the ambassador must tag @hubschinterior,
#myhubsch, and #hubscgambassador in all content.

1.2. It is important that the product(s) is the focus of the content whether it be text, image, or

1.3. Within 14 days of receiving the products, all content (reel, post, storyline) must be
produced and sent for approval.

1.4. The ambassador is responsible for choosing and booking dates for posting. They are obligated
to post on the chosen dates.

1.5. Included in the campaign is the right for the company to use the ambassador’s content on
their own social channels (organic and advertising). The ambassador will always be
credited via mention in the caption and tag. Additionally, the ambassador grants the
company the right to use all content on their own website.

1.6. When signing up for the ambassadorship, if said yes to B2B usage, your images and videos
will be shared in our image bank with our B2B customers to use for their channels without
giving credit. Such as: paid advertising, social media, newsletters, website ect.

1.7. Within the approval processes, the company may ask for changes if the content doesn’t fit
Hübsch DNA. The company will have in consideration the ambassador’s personal style
when reviewing this.

1.8. It is the ambassador’s responsibility to ensure that the agreed posts and content in general
comply with the law. The Marketing Act stipulates that all paid collaboration on social
media must be clearly and distinctly evident to the recipients as so, as hidden advertising is

1.9. If the ambassador does not comply with the campaign terms and condition when
accepted, the ambassador will receive an invoice for the products giving.

1.10 If the ambassador breaks any of the products received as part of the campaign, they must replace it themselves by contacting Hübsch. 

1.11 All products received in the campaign are not allowed for reselling within the first 6 months after the campaign. 

2. Compensation

2.1. The ambassador will receive product(s) as payment.

2.2. Hübsch will not do any special deals or paid collaborations.


3. Content Guidelines

3.1. 1 individual reel + 1 storyline of 5 sequences OR 1 carousel post with 4-5 images + 1 storyline
with 5 sequences (all content must have the product as the focus).

3.2. When you post, you are not allowed to make a shared post with us if not told otherwise.

3.3. The reel must be of good quality – the device is not important as long as the photo/video is
in focus and non-grainy.

3.4. Feel free to show relevant details and functions of the product.

3.5. The content should be in line with your general style and aesthetic.

3.6. People in the videos and photos are more than welcome.

3.7. All content must match the format: 9:16 for story lines and reels and 4:5 for feed posts. No
square photos.