Introducing the Moment Sofa-set

How time flies when you are having fun; We all know the notion of spending hours with something or somebody that we enjoy, whether, with friends or alone, that time passes surprisingly quickly. Our new sofa-set Moment has all the features of a classic upholstered sofa with a few twists and turns that will not only up the style stakes in your living room but also provide the best framework for a good time.

Caught in the Moment

Big on space, the Moment sofa set will hold your entire family, whether for a movie night or a night of fun and board games. Sinking into a soft, welcoming sofa at the end of a long workday alone has its qualities. And the Moment sofa allows you to indulge comfortably in a book, a cup of tea or both – in style. 

The grey bouclé fabric, also known as loop yarn, has a decorative texture of loops and knots that add something extra to a classic grey upholstery fabric. The pale wooden details complement and enhance the overall look of this modern sofa that will be loved for generations to come.