Introducing the Oblique Chair Family

A dream of creating a chair that flat-packs and stacks were the primary catalysts for our brand-new Oblique Chair Family. A wish to expand our dining chair collection and create an entire chair family was also part of that dream. The brand-new Oblique chair family takes its blueprint from Danish design tradition.

The combination of creativeness and unparalleled craftsmanship underpins the Hübsch brand DNA while embodying Scandinavian design’s clean, crisp lines. However, the warmth of the wood adds softness to the minimalist and classic form, where the signature diagonal line is an extension of the rear legs. Hence the name Oblique.

“Inspired by a distinct silhouette, “Oblique” celebrates our love for graphic lines, composition, and shape. The concept behind the range was a simple framework with a conscientious approach. The chairs had to have stackable and flat-pack features. We simply wanted the design to align with the function, the assembly, the packaging, and the transportation”.

Design Responsible Lotte Knudsen

Knock-down, FSC®-certified, and Stackable

While our new chair family scores high on longevity, it also reigns supreme in responsible material and function. All chairs are crafted from FSC®-certified oak wood from sustainably managed forests, ultimately mitigating the environmental impact.

The structural principle of the chairs is constructed with knock-down fittings, which means the furniture flat-packs and saves space during transportation.

Storage has also been taken into consideration. The Oblique Dining Chairs are stackable, making them easy to store when not in use.

Our License code is (FSC-C157880).

Shape and Comfort Matters

Whether it be the Oblique Bar Stool, Oblique Lounge Chair or Oblique Dining Chair, a contrasting curved backrest creates a remarkable and comfortable feature, allowing maximum support even after prolonged sitting. Altogether, a beautiful and functional whole transcends to a timeless aesthetic appeal rather than an on-trend expression: Ensuring that the Oblique Chair Family will be loved generation after generation.