Mush Table Lamp Mini in new Colours

The Mush Table Lamp Series is a bestselling and iconic range of table lamps which has been part of our extensive lighting collection since 2018. First came Mush Brass and Mush Black, and a few years later, Mush Nickel. This year we introduce the Mush-Mini in three vibrant colour combinations inspired by a vintage colour palette.

A New Take on a Classic

The iconic design is now introduced in a vintage blue with a contrasting brown fabric cord, a rusty red with a sand-coloured fabric cord, and a sand-coloured version with a bright red fabric cord. Available in these three colour combinations, the Mush Table Lamp Mini can be used on its own or in linear formations across the entire Mush Table Lamp range.

Mush Table Lamp Mini Light blue/Brown

 190,00 €

Mush Table Lamp Mini Maroon/Sand

 190,00 €

Mush Table Lamp Mini Sand/Red

 190,00 €

“At Hübsch, we love rediscovering and reinventing items from our previous collections. The Mush Table Lamp Mini was the perfect candidate for a colourful make-over; Popular with our customers, timeless silhouette, simple yet classic-we simply wanted to give it a new take” .


Design Responsible Lotte Knudsen

Adding three new colours to the range, we take the Mush Table Lamps from a more classic expression into a 21st-century tendency with a mix and match of 70’s high-shine and on-trend hues with the iconic cleaner lines and shape of a modern mushroom table lamp. 

Manufactured in steel with a high gloss powder-coated finish, the Mush Mini offers a charming alternative to the utilitarian desk lamp. The glossy finish not only reflects light but also accentuates the distinct mushroom silhouette, allowing use in various settings. 


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