Bar Stools

Bar stools always rise to the occasion. They come in handy when friends pop over, but they also create a visual wow. You have come to the right place if you are on the lookout for some complimentary bar stools to your open plan kitchen or at-home bar.

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  • Stilt Bar Stool Sand

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  • Stilt Bar Stool Black

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  • Oblique Bar Stool Natural

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  • Oblique Bar Stool Black

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  • Avenue Bar Stool Nickel/Brown

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  • Folk Bar Stool Natural

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  • Acorn Bar Stool Natural

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Stylish Bar Stools

Some people connect an open plan kitchen space with bar stools. Some link them with – a bar. We do agree that these paired combinations are apparent, but we see bar stools as pieces of furniture apt for most spaces. There is nothing more striking than a stylish wooden bar stool up against a wall in the hall or bedroom. The sleek lines of a bar stool work almost like a stylish piece of art, but naturally, a barstool also scores high on function.

 Function meets Beauty

 Looking for somewhere to put your clothes overnight? Well, why not place a bar stool in your bedroom? We also see our beautiful wooden stools as the perfect pedestal for your favourite vase and a lovely bouquet of flowers or as an intriguing place to display books or magazines. If you decide to use a bar stool in your hallway, it’s perfect for keys, sunglasses, or knick-knack in a bowl. Now that’s function and beauty for you.

 Wood or Metal?

If you ask us, wood and metal are both material chameleons. They practically fit in everywhere. Obviously, if you have a cool modern contemporary decor, we will opt for a metal bar stool. Wooden bar stools will go with a home country style, a Scandinavian style, or a ‘you-style’. Your home is yours, and you should do what sparks joy for you. And that is actually the best interior tip we can give you.

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