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Stools are multifunctional pieces of furniture, and we love that about them. Not only are they that extra seat, but they are also that nightstand, flower stand, or side table. The choice is all yours. Shop our large selection of wooden, quirky, and colourful stools right here.

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  • Smile Stool Light green/Orange

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  • Smile Stool Burgundy/Green

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  • Smile Stool Light blue/Khaki

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  • Always Stool Natural

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  • Silo Stool Grey/Sand

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  • Silo Stool Dark Brown

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  • Peri Bench Khaki/Purple

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  • Alp Stool Natural

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  • Stack Stool Nickel/Brown

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  • Stack Stool Yellow

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  • Stack Stool Grey

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  • Architect Stool Black

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  • Split Stool Natural

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  • Split Stool Natural

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  • Ash Side Table Black

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  • Ground Stool Natural

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Stylish Stools and all Smiles

Our wooden stools are perfect for a gorgeous green indoor plant, and our upholstered stools are perfect for – well, seating. When not used as extra seating, you still want your stool to have a purpose, right? Be creative; go for a walk around your house and see where the stool fits as either a bedside table or a side table. Either way, all our seats look ever so stylish: Stacked, in use or as a multifunctional piece.

Extra Seating

Pull up an extra seat for those impromptu meetings or visits from friends and family. If you are unsure which type of stool to go for, let us guide you. Our wooden stools are like stool chameleons; they fit any kind of décor: Scandi, boho chic or country style. If you are looking for an accent piece, then our colourful stools will work beautifully, especially if you want to accentuate your décor by pairing contrasting styles.

 Pouffe or Stool?

A pouffe has almost the same function as a stool. However, most pouffes come upholstered, adding comfort to tired toes or restless feet. Pouffes also take the room in another way. Even though not in use, a pouffe is most likely still part of the décor. We like pouffes because they add a certain softness to the space. The room determines whether to go for a pouffe or a stool in terms of functionality. Why not delve into our wide range of pouffes for a bit of inspiration.

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Smile Stool Light green/Orangex

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