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Today, desks in our homes are a natural part of the décor. Whereas they used to be ‘nice to have’, they are now ‘need to have’ furniture due to an increase in working from home. Whether you have a small or large home office space, our desks will fit right in.

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      • Folk Wall Mounted Desk Natural

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      Decorative Desks

      Our desks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are wall-mounted, some are narrow, tall, and some come with drawers and built-in shelves. A common denominator is that they are all decorative and delightful. And wonderful to the touch. We need contrasting materials in our everyday lives to counterbalance the sleek touch of digital devices.

      Creating Space to Think

      We want you to know that our desks play well with creativity and work well with head-down work. Whether you need lots of room to unfold what you are working on or a small space to delve into a report or a study: we have you covered. Our desk designs have been created with task awareness in mind enabling you to create your own beautiful space to think.

      A Wood State of Mind

      Oak wood goes well with just about anything. Customisation makes things feel personal, and your workspace or desk is no exception. Dress your oak wood desk with a gorgeous table lamp, your favourite stationery, or storage boxes for your most beloved pens and pencils. Maybe you need to have your journals or jotters close. For this, our wooden shelves are the perfect home. You can also go all-in on a wood state of mind and add our oak wood organiser.

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      Folk Wall Mounted Desk Naturalx

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