Besides our interest in taking good care of your home interior, we also care about you. Our lifestyle products are made with a responsible mindset and for everyone: Dishwashing liquid for your kitchen, hand soap and lotion for your bathroom, and hand lotion too, for when you are on the go.

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  • Lifestyle Dish Wash Clear

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  • Lifestyle Hand Soap Clear

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  • Lifestyle Hand Lotion 300ml White

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  • Lifestyle Hand Lotion 75ml White

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  • Zippit Toiletry Bag Blue (set of 2)

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  • Lush Toiletry Bag Black/White (set of 2)

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  • Loving Toiletry Bag Blue (set of 3)

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  • Loving Toiletry Bag White (set of 3)

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Conquer all Dishes!

Let the scent of cucumber and mint give you that extra willpower to get through the mountain of dirty dishes. Our dishwashing liquid makes sure those stains don’t stand a chance. Here you can trust our hand soap to get rid of those germs while still being gentle to your skin. Speaking of which, the aloe vera in our hand lotion is just the final touch in taking care of your hands. For your convenience, we even offer a travel-size tube of hand lotion for travelling and when you are on the go. For this purpose, you can browse our different toiletry bags or cosmetic bags.

Responsible lifestyle products

Use our lifestyle products with a clean conscience. Our dishwashing and hand soap are certified by Ecocert, making them completely free from parabens and synthetic dyes. Apart from being approved by Ecocert, our hand lotions do not contain any perfume. If you are not convinced yet, we can inform you that more than 98,9% of the materials used in our hand soaps and lotions are from natural sources.

Focus on what matters

Our lifestyle products don’t need the most comprehensive collection; we just focus on what’s important and keep it simple. The perfect companion for your kitchen is a nice-looking bottle of our responsible dishwashing liquid. If you genuinely want to bring new life to your kitchen, look at our kitchen accessories and textiles. If your bathroom also needs a slight improvement, may we recommend switching out that worn-out old towel with a brand new Oeko-Tex certified towel? This will be the complete care package for your already clean hands.

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With a dream of creating something exceptional, Hübsch was founded in 2010. Since then, Hübsch has grown in size and is today regarded as one of Scandinavia’s leading home interior brands. Grow your business by adding a splash of happiness and Danish design to your shop or projects. 

Hübsch Care

As a design company, we at Hübsch recognise the impact our activities have on the environment. Hübsch constantly seeks new ways of designing and developing products using responsible materials. In short, the company is committed to making positive changes. We care about tomorrow, today.

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