Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors. We love them. Whether you are after small or large wall mirrors, you’ll find your next ‘mirror-mirror on the wall’ experience in our large selection of wall mirrors: a round wall mirror, a sculptural-shaped wall mirror or a regular rectangular wall mirror. We have you covered.

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  • Charm Mirror Natural

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  • Blush Mirror Natural

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  • Split Mirror Magnetic Natural

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  • Depth Mirror Natural

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  • Drop Mirror Natural

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  • Combine Board Natural

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  • Comb Hand Mirror Natural

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  • Crescent Wall Mirror Oval Natural

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  • Mood Wall Mirror Natural

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  • Crescent Wall Mirror Round Natural

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  • Glimpse Wall Mirror Medium Natural

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  • Glimpse Wall Mirror Large Natural

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  • Nomad Wall Mirror Natural

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You look amazing. A wall-mounted mirror in any shape or size will enhance and improve the feeling of space in your home. They will also create a decorative focal point where you can check yourself before leaving your house and ensure all those last details are in place. Even a little wall mirror has a considerable impact: They reflect light. A daily dose of bright light is always a good idea, especially when days turn darker.

Mesmerising wall mirrors

 A full-length wall mirror is ideal for your bedroom, walk-in closet, or hallway. It’s the best way to ensure that your outfit is on point. When browsing our wall-mounted mirrors, you’ll find various styles, shapes, and sizes. Some have gorgeous wooden details, others have coloured frames. If you are into asymmetry, you’ll find a large selection of wall mirrors with quirky and intriguing shapes for a standout look. Either way, they are all mesmerising.

Combination Mirrors

It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for mirrors with a combined purpose. Therefore, you’ll find many wall mirrors in our collection that combine materials and serve a multifunctional purpose. How about a wall mirror with a gorgeous wooden shelf for perfumes or make-up? Or a large mirror with an integrated towel rack? Sounds good, right? You’ll even find a mirror that serves as a memo board for all your to-dos or positive affirmations.

If you do not find what you are looking for, why not delve into our large selection of freestanding floor mirrors? The versatility of a freestanding full-length mirror is plenty fold. Perhaps your need for a mirror is more specific: In that case, a make-up mirror or a table mirror may be the right choice for you. To get a complete overview of our extensive range of modern, stylish, and decorative mirrors, get a cup of tea and explore our universe of mirrors.

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Charm Mirror Naturalx

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