Kitchen Textiles

Even kitchens need colourful sparks here and there. At least, we think so. Tea towels and dishcloths are everyday objects, hardly noticed unless you make a choice to take your décor all the way. If so, then our lovely kitchen textiles are what you have been looking for.

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  • Playful Tea Towels Multicolour (set of 2)

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  • Tint Tea Towel Brown

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  • Tint Tea Towel Blue

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  • Tint Tea Towel Yellow

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  • Coffee Tea Towels Yellow (set of 2)

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  • Grid Tea Towels Light blue (set of 2)

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  • Herb Tea Towel Blue/Orange

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  • Herb Tea Towel Purple/Yellow

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  • Herb Tea Towel Blue/Purple

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Tempting tea towels

What are you into? Stripes, checkered or just plain gorgeous? Whether you are after a splash of colour or just an adorable tea towel, you will be able to find them here. These tempting tea towels are not only cool, but they are also super absorbent which equals efficient. If you ever have dishwashing contests, make sure to pick one of our tea towels, and you’ll wipe out the competition.

Dapper Dishcloths

What can we say about dishcloths? They are practical, an absolute necessity in the kitchen, but not very pretty – until now. Our knitted cotton dishcloths are efficient. And good-looking. Quite dapper if you ask us. However, they are not just pretty faces but also super absorbent. . Made from cotton, you can wash and use it repeatedly. Now that is what we call a durable and responsible dishcloth choice.

To pair Kitchen Textiles with?

So, you have started to think of colours for your kitchen textiles. That’s nice. Then pair your kitchen textiles with lovely shelving for your favourite coffee cups or a brand new colourful ceiling light, and voila! you have a really Hübsch kitchen. We also recommend you delve into our extensive collection of home textiles. Here you’ll find soft beauties for your floor, sofa, or bed. And bathroom. P.S all our home textiles are made from 100% OEKO-TEX®-certified cotton.

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