Not only do soft textiles and rugs add a splash of va-va-voom to your space, but they also bring a cosy touch. It’s the perfect way to add warmth to your space. Whether after colourful wool, a flat weave big or small, you can find it in our large selection of rugs and floor runners.

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  • AtYourFeet Rug Multicolour

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  • AtYourFeet Runner Multicolour

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  • Alba Runner Sand

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  • Poppy Rug Large Grey/White

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  • Capri Rug Natural

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  • Mellow Runner Blue

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  • Mellow Rug Green

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  • Mellow Rug Yellow

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  • Fluffy Rug Beige/Multicolour

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  • Kawa Runner Burgundy/Blue

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  • Pin Rug Beige/Grey

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  • Sage Rug Oval Natural

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  • Poppy Rug Burgundy/White

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  • Poppy Rug Grey/White

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  • Rhomb Rug White/Burgundy

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  • Sage Rug Round Natural

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  • Rhomb Rug Large Offwhite

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  • Rhomb Rug Small Offwhite

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We’ve got you covered

The real challenge is figuring out what style that represents you. Maybe you are into stripes, an intriguing weave, or a dramatic pattern? If you are the colourful type – we don’t blame you! Perhaps you are the natural type, in which case we have several incredible jute rugs that will look amazing under your coffee table. If you want to keep things simple with a grey rug, that is ok too. We’ve got you covered.

Riveting runners

A narrow space also deserves some cosiness. A small rug or a riveting runner is the best option for a hallway or corridor with warmth and style. We also love a brilliant rug on a dull kitchen floor – Why not make all your kitchen accessories match all the magic you are cooking up in the kitchen? Placing a runner in your bedroom is also an ideal choice as a bedside companion to prevent the chilliness of a cold floor in the mornings.

Frame with rugs

Soft furnishings are the best way to soften your rooms. Using rugs to frame and zone a space will make such a difference to your living or dining room, especially if you have a large room with different functions. A large rug under your dining table will mark your dining area, and a smaller one will frame your lounge or TV area. We have them all: square, round, oval, large or small rugs. If you want to furnish an entire living space, delve into our large selections of sofas and coffee tables before deciding on those finishing touches, and then frame with rugs.

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With a dream of creating something exceptional, Hübsch was founded in 2010. Since then, Hübsch has grown in size and is today regarded as one of Scandinavia’s leading home interior brands. Grow your business by adding a splash of happiness and Danish design to your shop or projects. 

Hübsch Care

As a design company, we at Hübsch recognise the impact our activities have on the environment. Hübsch constantly seeks new ways of designing and developing products using responsible materials. In short, the company is committed to making positive changes. We care about tomorrow, today.

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