Rekindle Collection

This season is all about falling in love again. With your home, your things, and your personal space. It’s time to be optimistic about the future and find new ways to make significant changes. Also, when it comes to interior design. Rekindle—such a little word. But full of hope.

Rekindle Collection

What does Rekindle have to do with your home? Well, your home is a catalyst for your mood and getting the tone right is essential: For you and us. Our vision is to frame your home in the best way possible. And sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective and a rekindling of the vibe in your home. 

So, with that in mind – we bring you our Rekindle Collection. Welcome nuances, embrace change and fall in love again – with the old and the new.

A brand-new old Love

We all know the feeling of finding a lost treasure at the back of a cupboard. An instant spark of joy and reconnection brings back memories from that moment in time when this piece came into your life. Finding a lost love isn’t just about taking a trip down mem ory lane. Rather than hiding traces from a former time in your life – bring them to the front, where you can fully appreciate the contents of your home – and life.

Swift transformations

One of the best ways to spruce up your sofa and living room décor is by changing and rearranging your home accessories. A swift transformation: a new cushion, a throw from the bedroom and that little lamp from the office … there you go.