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Our pouffes are soft, stylish, and functional: the ideal solution for sitting or resting your feet. They are even more perfect as extra seating or an extension of your sofa when having friends over for a cosy night in.

Perfect Pouffes

When talking about pouffes, we feel like taking a seat or putting our feet up. They have that effect on us. There is something about pouffes that is so inviting. Maybe it is the shape or form? Perhaps it’s the intriguing design? For all, we know it could be either. They are such beautiful pieces of furniture and practical at the same time. You’ll find various colour options, shapes, and sizes in our wide range of pouffes and footstools.

Neutral or accent?

Ranging from neutrals to bright pops of deep velvety reds, you’ll find a pouffe that matches your décor perfectly. Some are straight-up; others are quirky and whimsical, with edges and legs in chrome or metal. Whether you are after a round, square, or oval pouffe, we have it. We even have a few accent pieces in the collection, if we say so ourselves.

Everyday Essentials

Like chairs and tables are everyday essentials, so are pouffes or footstools. We see pouffes in the bedroom, the kids’ rooms, and of course, in the lounge or living area. In the living area for tired feet or an extra seat, in the bedroom, for somewhere to leave your bedspread overnight or the next day outfit. We just know kids will love to have their own pouffe. If you plan to transform the kids’ rooms any time soon – we bet you’ll need storage. Why not delve into our extensive collection of shelf units, storage or baskets?

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