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Coffee, side, or accent tables. Tables for practical use, for work, or display. Tables for social gatherings, for chatting or for hanging out. Dinner tables for fine dining, family meals or snacks. Whatever table you are after we have it. We may even have one you didn’t know you needed.  So, let’s bring joy and ‘hygge’ to the table. Together.

Hübsch Tables with Details

What we find special about our table collection is the variation and attention to detail. We love to play with different materials and always think of unique details that will enable you to find your specific personal style. Whether you are after a beautiful oak dining table with a herringbone pattern or a side table made from metal and green marble: you’ll find it here.

Take a Moment

So, why not take a table time-out. Take a moment to reflect. Are you the minimalist type? A wooden type? Your home reflects you, and so does your choice of tables. A table is not just a table. Imagine having no tables in your home: it doesn’t cut the mustard. Side tables are the ideal spot for your favoured cuppa, while a console table serves well as a stylish spot in a narrow hallway.

Find your Table Darling

Once you have set your eyes on the perfect table, then another pressing matter emerges: How to style your newly found table, darling. We recommend a contrasting table lamp or a lovely glass vase. These are the finishing touches that complete your décor and make you feel at home. Tables and chairs go hand in hand, so why not browse our seating collection to find your next armchair love.

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