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What makes a beautiful table arrangement? We’d like to believe it’s about the people around the table. Absolutely. However, we’d also like to believe lovely tableware has something to do with it. Explore our range of glassware, cutlery, and crockery, and get ready for some memorable and enjoyable mealtimes.

Hübsch Tableware

 Our extensive collection of tableware is a beautiful mix of glassware and crockery. We have everything from coloured and textured glass items to earthy-toned ceramic bowls. It’s no secret that we enjoy mixing and matching because it brings visual intrigue to your table arrangement. Individual pieces carefully curated will also give you joy when setting your table. Whether for a party, a Sunday roast, or a brunch, you’ll find something to bring life to your table.

Glorius Glassware

Glassware has a beautiful way about it. It’s Delicate. It’s functional. It’s Glorious. You can’t set the table without glasses, right? We have glasses for any occasion. And we love them. Sip your favourite red from a beautiful red wine glass, enjoy your bubbles from an elegant champagne glass, and bring some colour to the table with a mix of coloured drinking glasses. Why not add some quirky ceramic bowls for texture. It’s a great mix. 

The Finishing Touches

 To finish your table arrangement, add a mix of beautiful candlesticks. We recommend a combination of coloured wooden ones, brass-coloured ones, and coloured crystal glass ones. Experiment with scale and combine small with spectacular. Mix candlesticks with tealight holders for variation. If you want to take the ‘hygge’ outside, make sure you have a look at our large selection of outside lanterns. They are perfect for those bluish dusky hours before night-time falls. 

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