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Bulbs & baldachins

We all know lighting has a huge impact on wellbeing and setting the mood in your home. The right lighting solution will give you joy every day. For that, we also have LED light bulbs to help you with the best light, whether cool or warm and relaxing; we have light bulbs that suit your needs.

Enlightening Lights

Whether it’s for your ceiling, floor, table, or wall: We have lamps for it all. Why not dive into our large selection of table lamps? Go for a bold graphic seventies inspired one or a brass-coated one to shed light on your desk or a side table. You can also find sculptural stunning floor lamps which will take centre stage in your living room.  Our lights are meant to enlighten and entertain.

Dim or Bright Light Bulbs

Different settings call for different types of light. A good idea is to mix your light sources. Use ceiling lights for your basic lighting. Trust wall lights to brighten up your hallway. Hang three pendant lights over your kitchen counter for a practical work light with a cosy vibe. Light candles and switch on all your coloured glass table lamps for a dim and laid-back ambience. All our table lamps come with a mood of their own. But a good one, of course.

In the Spotlight

If we were to name, the one lamp from our large collection of lights which steals the spotlight. We couldn’t. They are all in the spotlight. It’s when lighting, furniture, textiles, and home accessories are joined together that magic happens. This is where a place where happiness lives is created. Add your favourite people and all is good.

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