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Floor Lamps

Beautiful floor lamps generate intrigue in any space. Floor lamps will always stand up to detailed discussion, simply because they add interest and style to all kinds of rooms, particularly dark and dull corners of your house.

Fabulous Floor Lamps

Brighten up your armchair’s day with a beautiful floor lamp companion in metal, coated brass or marble. Whether it’s a graphic tripod floor lamp or a classic twin-headed coated brass floor lamp you are after, you cannot shop from our collection without falling in love with at least one of the floor lamps. They are all fabulous.

Functional Lights

Why not get one for reading, another for shining light on your wall art, and a third for dramatic effect. Either way, it is about time to take a stand when it comes to your choice of floor lamps which all have user-friendly on-off floor switches enabling you to tap into a relaxed mood in seconds. Function, as well as design, has always been a cornerstone for us.

Finding the Perfect Match

Whether you go for a statement floor lamp as a feature piece in your interior décor or a more laid-back style, make sure you complement your new floor lamp with our exclusive textiles and rugs. Rugs can frame, zone, and complete your décor as well as bring comfort to sore feet at the end of a long day. It’s a perfect match. We know for a fact that our floor lamps, too, will love to stand tall and glow on a beautiful rug.

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