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Throws or plaids are layers of magic on your bed, sofa, or you. So comforting and yet so decorative. We love the beautiful patterns and softness of a cotton plaid. It’s the perfect way to wrap yourself in a cosy sofa corner. Get your favourite book or knitting project, and you are good to go.

Get a Soft Plaid Hug

Whether it’s for a power nap, a moment to relax, or a movie night, you’ll find a plaid or a throw to suit your need in our large collection of plaids. Go for a block colour beauty, a contemporary cool, or a comfy plain Jane in a muted grey wool. A stripy super soft throw is always a good idea. Either way, rest assured they are all brilliant soft huggers.

Textural Delight

Texture and tactility are a thing of our time. Textures are a welcoming contrast to the smooth surfaces of our digital devices. Apart from bringing comfort to you and the sofa adding texture to your space also creates visual intrigue. Bring a colour pop to your all-grey sofa or layer various textiles, materials, and colours for a mixed look. Don’t be afraid to go all-in. Bring rugs, cushions, and plaids together in a juxtaposed space. You can never go wrong with some textural delight.

Get layering

Layering is not just about lovely layerings of plaids. It is also about cushions, mixing materials and colours – even patterns. Now that we have your textural interest; why not delve into our large selection of cushions? While you are at it and have your throws and cushions sorted, then you should check out our gorgeous sofas and lounge chairs. For even more vibrancy and last finishing touches, our glass vases will do the trick.

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