Welcome to our very first ambassador campaign – Table of Curiosity.

We want to celebrate the joy of setting a table and the thrill of mixing and materials. Where the table becomes a canvas for personal expression and narratives.

In this campaign, your job is to bring a creative, curios, and personal table setting to life. Use the products you receive from Hübsch, but also mix it with whatever pieces you have at home.

It is very important for us that your personal style shines through, and you feel this table setting reflects who you are. Therefore, you will also get to choose between four bundles.

Campaign overview

Here you have a step-by-step overview of the campaign and the following weeks:


1. You will choose one of four bundles

2. When your parcel arrives, choose an activation and make your content within 14 days

3. Choose the weeks you want to post 4. Send your content for approval

5. Post. Let the content live!

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1. Choose your bundle
Pick one bundle - Which one speaks to your heart

*Each bundle contains products to set a table for four people.
2. Choose your activations
In this campaign you will need to do 2 activations. Make your choice below.
3. Choose when to post
Choose the weeks you want to post. Remember, this is a final choice.

Here you can see the weeks available. First week you’ll post the storyline and the second week your reel/carousel post.
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