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Always a Twist

To challenge the status quo of everyday functio­nality is at the core of our new collection, Always a Twist. Always a Twist is a salute to all the little things in life: All the glimpses of simple joy we tend to forget. 

And we promise you; there are lots of happy straightforward new products with expressive and playful characters in our brand-new collecti­on. This season we also introduce a brand-new responsible chair family. Enjoy

Do you speak graphics?

Get the story behind our new series of throws designed by our in-house Graphic Designer Rebecca Korpi.

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Always a Twist

This season, we continue to experiment with curious and daring colour combinations, sculptural shapes and sizes, and a mix of materials.

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Creative Director’s Choice

Since 2010, Hübsch Creative Director Jannie Krüger has had a significant impact on Hübsch Brand DNA.

Take a peek at her favourites

Introducing The Oblique Chair Family

Introducing ObliqueExplore the story behind our new wooden chair family and read our Designer Lotte Knudsen’s thoughts on the design.

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To Experiment and Explore

Get to know the Hübsch brand a little bit better and read our story: Where we came from and where we are going.

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