New Collection Always a Twist

In a magazine, we came across the British proverb ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions: In other words, great ideas can come from constraint. And we couldn’t agree more. Challenging the status quo of everyday functionality is at the core of our new collection, Always a Twist. Always a Twist is a salute to all the little things in life: All the glimpses of simple joy we tend to forget. And we promise you; that there are lots of happy straightforward new products with expressive and playful characters in our brand-new collection.

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“This season, we continue to experiment with curious and daring colour combinations, sculptural shapes and sizes, and a mix of materials. First and foremost, we want this collection to spark joy. But we also want to challenge the status-quo of everyday functionality and infuse all the small glimpses of happiness from our everyday lives to the new collection. To us, those moments represent themselves in our products as a surprising twist in design language, shape, or colour”.

Design Responsible Lotte Knudsen

Sculptural Curves and Colour Confidence

Inspired by the upcoming season’s colour scheme, we present a playful collection that salutes everyday glimpses of happiness. The essence of the new Always a Twist Collection consists of intriguing colour combinations, bold styling decisions, and a daring mix of materials. It is also a collection where function, design, and responsibility intermesh, bringing a joyful smile to the face.

Contemporary Curiosity and Clever Compositions

We have such a beating heart for lighting, and the Always a Twist collection introduces several new bright characters for the ceiling, the wall, and the table. A playful approach to material combinations such as textured and coloured glass, marble, and rattan; ensures that all new lights are instantly noticeable—two new additions to the popular series Chand Rattan lights intrigue in terms of size and shape. A wondrous sculptural design language shows a supreme skill in capturing the room with presence and softness.

With a tiny element of surprise, the Chand Ceiling Light Trapeze entices with a bright red woven fabric cord that plays well with the soft natural rattan.

Soft Pieces of Art

Last season we launched a series of colourful and wonderfully patterned throw quilts. This season a new series of quilt throws with enticing colours and a new bedspread size marvels with original detailing and craftsmanship. Gorgeous colour combinations and graphic patterns beautifully balance the softness with clever lines, stripes, and block colouring. One side is a solid colour; the other is mesmerizingly patterned, enabling an instant change according to mood. Each quilt represents a piece of tactile art with every single stitch sewn by hand, and they are all 100% OEKO-TEX.