In the beginning of each year, we present our Tendencies collection, which consists of creative, Nordic design that gives inspiration to the styling of the modern home throughout spring and summer.

In July, we present our Occasions collection, in which we focus on our autumn/winter collection as well as the coming Christmas time.

If you are looking for a quick trend fix, you might wan to have a look at our inspiring look book.

Tendencies 2019


With the perfect combination of inspiring colours, carefully selected materials and with a keen eye for detail, our Tendencies 2019 collection was created.

Before starting your journey through our exciting new must-haves and timeless classics, we would like to share with you the thoughts and ideas of our creative design team.

With a curious approach, we continue to explore a wide selection of tones and textures. Combined with our favourite materials, the result is a playful collection with a touch of the unexpected.

Sculptural shapes and elegant lines meet in a creative mix of furniture, lighting and accessories.

We welcome you to an inspiring season and encourage you to tell your story through your home.


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Tendencies 2019 Look Book


In the Tendencies 2019 look book, we will guide you through the key trends in spring/summer 2019.

We will dig even deeper into our collection and aim to extend your knowledge about trends and tendencies for the coming year.

You will be presented with a more profound story about our design choices and hopefully we are able to inspire you a bit more.

So if you are looking for your trend fix, look no longer, and have a browse through our inspiring look book.


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