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Dining chairs will make or break any social gathering. However, function and aesthetics do not cancel each other out. Our dining chairs are not only comfortable, but they are drop-dead gorgeous, too! Shop our collection of dining chairs that are here to be loved generation by generation.

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Responsible Dining Chairs

A responsible approach to design and materials is always at the back of our minds when creating furniture. Our wooden dining chairs are all crafted with wood from responsible forestry, and our Oblique dining chairs are also knock-down. That means they flat pack enabling saving space during transportation. Comfort is also a big part of our design process. Nobody wants to entertain or host social gatherings with uncomfortable seating.

 Tapping into a mid-century vibe

At Hübsch, we are self-declared eclectics. We love to explore design trends from the past and put our twist on the design. The newest members of our dining chair category, Oblique, draw inspiration from Danish design tradition. The combination of creativeness and unparalleled craftsmanship underpins the Hübsch brand DNA while embodying Scandinavian design’s clean, crisp lines and are here to be loved and passed down generation by generation.

Aesthetics Matters

Our sources of inspiration are a mix of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We know that dining chairs are part of your décor for a long time and are not something you change every other week when it comes to dining chairs. Therefore, aesthetics matters. We want our dining chairs to last for a long time. Durability and aesthetics are essential when it comes to designing long-lasting furniture. In need of a new dining table, why not jump over to our large selection of dining tables to explore the perfect dining table and dining chair match.

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