Who said bench-warming had to be a bore? Our large selection of benches is all but boring. Here you’ll find wooden benches, upholstered benches, and smaller benches for those impromptu encounters when you just need an extra seat. Rest assured: All our benches look fantastic, and they are comfortable, too!

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  • Klint Bench Red

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  • Klint Bench Dark Brown

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  • Peri Bench Khaki/Purple

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  • Row Bench Large Natural

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  • Row Bench Small Natural

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  • Haze Bench Grey/Natural

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  • Mellow Bench Maroon

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  • Heritage Bench

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  • Mist Bench Grey

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  • Mellow Bench Sand

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  • Mist Bench Light grey

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  • Align Bench Natural

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  • Carry Bench Black

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  • Ash Bench Black

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  • Pipe Bench Black

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  • Norm Bench Black

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  • Norm Stool Black

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  • Acorn Bench Natural/Grey

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  • Hide Bench Grey/Natural

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  • Folk Bench Natural/Grey

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  • Collect Bench Grey/Natural

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  • Nomad Bench Natural

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  • Ground Bench Natural

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Benches for All

Sometimes good friends show up unexpected. And that is really nice. What isn’t nice is not having seats enough for everyone; Enter: Bench. Whether you are looking for a bench to seat many or just a few, we have it. We are particularly fond of our wooden benches but head over heels with our upholstered oak benches made from the most beautiful pale timbers. In our extensive selection, you’ll also find benches with storage options and benches with a colourful twist or intriguing choice of material.

Practical and Beautiful

Benches are not just practical; they are also beautiful. If we just put the practicality of benches aside, then let’s talk about the beauty of a sleek dining bench. Pair a stunning wooden dining table with traditional dining chairs on one side and a metal bench on the other side for a dinner setup that says WOW! Don’t be too conventional – go out on a limb and try something different and something new. We promise that it will not only make you feel good but make your living room look amazing too.

Here, There and Everywhere

When coming home from a long day at work, a two-minute break to catch your breath is just what you need. And for that, a bench is the perfect spot. A narrow space seldomly benefits from big bulgy furniture, which is why we recommend treating your hallway or corridor with an ideal bench. Not to say that we cannot see our benches in your front or living room. We do. Actually, we see them here, there and everywhere. If you have already found your favourite piece, now is the time to jump over to our large selection of tables and find a match made in heaven.

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